HI. My name is Mike Hughes. I've been a professional filmmaker for over 35 years.

This website is dedicated to all aspiring filmmakers as well as those already in the business.

Having been involved in teaching filmmaking to others for over 30 years I have helped thousands of people realize their dream to enter this exciting and creative business. Even professionals have attended my class to learn more about areas of filmmaking that they have not yet had experience in.

My filmmaking class has been honed to a tight, concise learning experience so it only made sense to use my instructional and writing skills to capture the essence of my knowledge in this field. So, I wrote a book on filmmaking.

For over two years I painstakingly compiled not only the contents of my live course, but also an extensive amount of extra, detailed information into this comprehensive book.

The book is titled:

Digital Filmmaking for Beginners:

A Practical Guide to Video Production

McGraw Hill Publishing - 2012 - ISBN# 978-0-07-179136-6


It includes chapters on the evolution of filmmaking technology, camera techniques and usage, lighting, sound, pre-production planning, on-set production techniques, post production and how to stock your digital production toolkit.

It has been published by McGraw Hill Publishing and is available in bookstores and at all major on-line vendors (Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, etc.). It's also available as an eBook, available on line for all major electronic readers. Using the ISBN number above you should be able to order the printed edition from bookstores.

This web site will provide you with extra information that isn't in the book. Just click the links above for free video tutorials, articles and resources. You can even contact me with your comments and questions.

Now, check out my site . . . and have fun.